The Loudness War is a sonic “arms race” where every artist and label feel they need to crush their music onto CD at the highest possible level, for fear of not being “competitive” – and in the process removing all the contrast, all the light, shade and depth – ruining the sound.

The infographic above will give you a few questions to ponder about, mostly those that the guys at also posed: which of the albums above sound punchy, incredible or loud? But then again – in a constant stream of music releases does the classic communication strategy of standing out by being the loudest work? And what happens when more people want to be the loudest? Or everybody else? And where do mastering engineers stand in this debate?

Find out more about the war of Loudness vs. Dynamic Range at and get to the depths of why Justin Bieber‘s latest album is louder than Motörhead or AC/DC. To kill the whole debate, dynamics is more appealing and comforting than pure loudness – but we wonder what your thoughts really are on this. Share them with us here, on Facebook or in our forums!