How do you meet people who share your taste in music?

How do you meet people who like the same music – or at least the same genre – as you? Regardless of where you live or what you listen to these tips will help you locate your musical soulmates!

  • Meet fans of your favorite bands at a gig or a festival. Get off the sofa, get yourself some concert tickets and mingle with people who like the same music you do! Pro Tip: Don’t try and start a conversation in front of the speakers, instead head to the bar where it’s a little quieter!
  • If for some reason you cannot attend a gig or the bands you like don’t come to your town then fan forums, listening nights or music meetups could also be an option. Or you could settle for tribute band gigs if the real deal’s just too far, expensive or dead.
  • Browse through the followers of your favorite band on Twitter or Facebook and send them messages about… well, anything!
  • Check out who’s posting about your favorite band or genre on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook and start a conversation based on their post.
  • Get yourself onto Tastebuds where you can filter people who like exactly the same bands you do!
  • Search for live footage of your favorite bands on YouTube, Vine or any other video sharing platform – maybe whoever posted it lives nearby and is ready to chat or have a beer with!
  • Have a look at band fanpages – be it on Facebook, music boards and forums, LiveJournal etc.
  • See someone wearing a t-shirt, hoodie or badge of a band you like? Start talking to them on the street by giving them props for their band merch.
  • Overhear someone listening to your favorite band on their headphones? Let them know that it’s great that they love the same stuff! Wait until that amazing solo is finished though!
  • How about visiting clothes stores or pubs or music stores that attract people who love a certain music genre?
  • You could always browse community sites that are not music-related – like Second Life or IMVU.
  • How about browsing through the people that comment on articles about your favorite bands or genres? Check out music news sites like NME and RollingStone.
  • Offline communities could always bring you more people to talk to about music… not just meetup groups but recreational clubs or interest groups or even language classes!
  • You could always reach out to fans: make a blog or a tumblr, start posting your music and attract potentially new fans or talk to afficionados!
  • How about searching for your favorite artists on P2P networks and start talking to people who share them?
  • There are new music platforms every month… how about reaching out to bands and fans on Twitter Music?
  • Speaking of Twitter.. this is the age of the internet now so you could just start making friends with the musicians themselves!
  • …Or you could just introduce people to your music, maybe they’ll like it, too!