The Man of Steel is not the only superhero to inspire songs! In this compilation we’re giving you twelve iconic tracks we believe you should know about such heroes as Batman, Iron Man or even Judge Dredd!


If you had to pick one superhero song off the top of your head, it would probably be this one. Flash Gordon, raygun-toting daredevil across the seven quantum seas of the universe… don’t miss out on this one!


Ozzy’s rendition is the best spine-chilling story about the melding of man and machine.. although this could be a song about anyone whose fate brings them to meet MORE METAL!


Ever experienced the kinky side of The Dark Knight? Oh, you’ll need Catwoman for that, a bit of extra latex & lube.. and this track by The Artist Formerly Known As!


The Ghost Rider was an iconic hero/villain from the dark side until Nick Cage came and screw up everything! Still, there ain’t just bats out of Hell!


We would’ve been deeply hurt if Peter Parker somehow tumbled off our charts, but it’s The Ramones who finally save the day! Minimal web punky thrash attack!


Umm. Why not Wonder Woman or Daredevil or The Green Arrow? Hard to cope with a really subtle interpretation of a superhero!


Probably this is how Spidey feels when he’s got nothing to do and he’s just jumping around between balconies, thousand stories high.


It could be Prince, it could be Siouxsie… with Batman you can’t avoid the more sensual and nocturnal sides of life… well, not when Snoop Lion Dogg Lion is out to sculpt him lyrically!


…but to be honest, if we had to pick hip-hop, we’d rather go for the mastahful MF Doom and his debut album from 1999… and honestly, if everybody’s so over Peter Parker, someone just had to lyricize Doctor Doom, right?


Anthrax gives a powerful introduction to The Godly Policeman With The Grumpycat Manners… definitely a down-to-earth superhero that you might like, even though the latest Dredd 3D movie, well, loads of fans had trouble with that one..


The 90’s didn’t only have lager lager lager and the neon swag but also an assortment of weird creatures to occupy your subconscious.. such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Vanilla Ice is just like a three-year old kid here: even if he knows he won’t succeed.. he’ll just have a go. Well, he did.


Brutal, nocturnal, mysterious and ragged at its very core – of course it’s Spawn! Iced Earth pays him ungodly and tremendous tribute – although making him into a playable Soul Calibur character was the best tribute ever!

If you think there are way better tracks about superheroes, don’t hesitate to JEDI PUNCH THEM INTO OUR FORUMS!