We’re going all-new (ish) here…no Air, no Serge Gainsbourg, no Phoenix…11 French Bands You Need To Know.

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1. La Femme

The band that inspired this post – they played London’s Sebright Arms last week and (seeing them for the 3rd time) get better every time. Late-70s influenced Electro Circus-Punk – if it didn’t exist before La Femme, it does now. Favourite track from the new album Psycho Tropical Berlin, “Antitaxi” below:

2. Lescop

A run of 3 bands recommended in a conversation with Tastebuds User @Saperlipopette now, starting with a band on Pop Noir Records – Lescop remind a little of Jarvis Cocker vocally, with their own brand of steady beats and subtle melodies… Listen to “La Foret”:

3. Granville

If they were american you might call them “peppy”, like French dream-pop on speed actually…if you slow down some of the tracks you’ll get a sound that reminds of Beach House. As it is, Granville’s sound is upbeat French indie-pop with a 60s tilt. This is “Les Corps Perdus”:

4. Aline

Final of @Saperlipopette’s reccies for French bands, Aline bring an 80s indie rock influence to our list – meandering guitars and think we can hear a harmonica in this track from their 2013 album, Regarde le ciel, “Elle m’oubliera”:

Thanks for those @Saperlipopette!

5. Yelle

“Les animaux dansent dans le safari disco club…” – I really want to know where this Safari Disco Club is and find the dancing animals! Try Yelle for something a bit more pop, a bit more dance, with added “perky”. This is from the dance-pop group’s 2011 – we did say all-new (ish) – album, Safari Disco Club:

6. Discobitch

The clue is in the name – commercial-sounding French electro-disco from DJ-duo Laurent Konrad & Kylian Mash plus vocalist Pauline Sampeur, a.k.a. Discobitch. We’re downright and shamelessly cheating here as the song was released in 2008…but used this year in a Citroen TV advert. Here’s “C’est Beau La Bourgeoisie” – switching between English and French throughout:

7. Fauve

A much-hyped band on the French festival-circuit at the moment, they played Rock en Seine in August and will be at Pitchfork Paris in November. Spoken word over minimalist electro this track is one of six currently available amidst the shroud of reclusion that surrounds Fauve, “Nuits Fauves”:

8. Juveniles

They sing in English, and seem to love the 80s, if the white suits and loafers in this video are anything to go by. Synth-pop at its most pure, Juveniles are from Rennes, and released their debut full-length album this year, which features this track, “Strangers”:

9. Dandies

Getting a mention initially because Pete Doherty sings in French on a single released by Dandies earlier this year – but actually their non-Doherty songs are decent too. From the city of Le Mans, near Paris, this is “the one” from their debut album, Illusion Et Imparfait, “L Comme Liaison”:

10. My Friend Is

By far the most acoustic indie-folk American-sounding band in this list, My Friend Is also sing in English and compare themselves to Grizzly Bear but listen for yourselves – here’s their cover of Get Lucky, yes, that Get Lucky, but their own single is “How Clear Was Today”:


We close with a dark & moody synth-pop track from a Parisian band producing music in the vein of the Brooklynites – Edimbourg’s facbook page says “BITCHY // GOTH // HOUSE” so we’ll go with that. This is “Pretty Woman”. It’s about as opposite to Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” as you can get:

Any more new French bands we should know about?