Hot girls; we have problems too we're just like you, except we're hot

After our mind-warping venture into the depths of the Japanese psyche, we’ve decided to explore other areas of the globe. From Turkey to Switzerland, from the States to Hungary – these videos would make even Rebecca Black blush.


Nicky Tučková wants to marry, thinks work and pork make up a good rhyme and releases this (thankfully brief) self-promo to boost her chance to get a rich boyfriend. Two notes: 1, the phone number mentioned in the song is not valid. 2, …and she can’t sing either.

Giving you Hell’s glam ambassadors turning all pink and fluffy in hi-res is a must. We respect the whole Kiss oeuvre and the Genesimmonsian tongue organ but this is simply just…


We’re pretty much hooked on the feeling that David Hasselhoff is the reason why extraterrestrial contact has never been established and why we’re left to rot on this planet surrounded by space junk.


The only good thing about this track is (apart from the sad fact that it’s actually quite catchy) that it climbed up the charts based on the secret knowledge shared in The KLF’s manual called… The Manual – that contains the absolute know-how on how to produce a chart-breaker hit-single in the UK.


A 9-minute überdramatic spree from Turkey about… Facebook chats. We don’t usually dance, sing and avoid A-bombs when we’re chatting up someone in front of Facebook, so it really must be a cultural delicacy. A bit over the top, if you ask us.


This Chinese addition is not a music video per se – it comes from a brilliant slapstick comedy movie entitled Shaolin Soccer. Still, it’s so much a parody of a parody of a parody… that we just had to have it here.

Double Take’s `Hot Problems` is a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a super viral delight so IQ-flat that it levels you right into the Nazca desert. Play this after exams or only when you no longer need your brain cells.


We love Warren Ellis (one of the best UK comic writers) and what he said about this video – “a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture”.


Hungarian rapper Speak’s anti-war track: invokes 2Pac, battles his customized lyrical Tourette’s and… oh, you think we’re exaggerating? Take a look at this: “They just simple people, want simple life. Simple land, simple thing. We have so many places. World is big. A place enough. That’s right. C’mon. Yee.”


Leaving the most unsavoury video to last… one homie who makes Big Bird look like a rubber duck.