It’s award season! The Grammy Awards, The Academy Awards, British Academy Film Awards and more are set to take place in February. This got us thinking about music videos featuring famous actors. There are many quality cameos to choose from! Our favorites are below in no particular order.

Christopher Walken kicks cameo out of the way, and owns the starring role in Fatboy Slim’s big beat throwback, ‘Weapon of Choice’ video. We kind of assumed CW could dance b/c he’s one of the coolest cats around, but it’s even better to see it in action!

Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Elijah Wood star in the Beastie Boys’ “Make Some Noise” (2011). What else needs to be said? Oh, Ted Danson, Steve Buscemi, Will Ferrell and others show up along the way!

Lady Gaga – ‘Paparazzi’. Swedish actor, Alexander Skarsgard from HBO’s hit vampire series True Blood gets the honor of throwing Gaga off a wall. She returns the favor and then some.

The Shoes – ‘Time to Dance’. Do some drugs and hit the rave w/ Jake Gyllenhaal in this dark yet upbeat vid.

While we’re dancing w/ famous actors on drugs, let’s join Northern Exposure’s James Van Der Beek down the rabbit hole in Kesha’s unicorned enriched video, “Blow” (2011)

Justin Timberlake – ‘What Goes Around…Comes Around’ w/ Scarlett Johansson. Kudos to this big budget production for combining two of the world’s hottest people into 1 mini-movie of a music video. Clocking in over 11 minutes, it’s got all the ingredients of a great watch; sex, violence, costumes, and car chases.

Ben Affleck – ‘Jenny From The block’. Ben, you lucky, lucky, man. The couple were engaged in 2003 and spent 2 years together before their demise. At least they left us the miracle of film that is, Gigli, to remember them with.

Not to be out done by Ben and Justin, Enrique Iglesias throws his hat into the ring of luckiest man alive as he cozies up w/ Jennifer Love Hewitt in his “Hero” video. This story confuses me. How is Enrique the hero for getting his butt kicked by Mickey Rourke? 130 million views can’t be wrong, tho!

You can call me Al – Paul Simon featuring Chevy Chase. Ah, the 80s. A time when music was fun and Chevy Chase was funny. Sorry, Chevy, we still love you. We just loved Mr. Griswold more.

Fortunately, youtube’s embed feature allows us to play directly from the moment of the cameo. Enjoy a blue eyed, then 19 year old Courtney Cox as she dances a jig with the boss in 1984! Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments.