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This article has been submitted to us by Jorge Salas and here’s what he says about himself: “I’m a Spanish journalist from Valencia, and I work in a marketing and advertising agency. I am also a music critic and I write reviews, interviews and articles for a Spanish independent music web Muzikalia since 2007. I play guitar and more things that I think people don’t even care. :)”


Nudozurdo is, with all its capital letters, THE BEST INDIE BAND in Spain in the last five years. With two LPs, another one re-issued, an EP, and now an acoustic album, this band is without any doubt the brightest sensation in the Spanish indie scene. The echoes of Ian Curtis, the passion for darkness, but also their particular personality makes of Nudozurdo something unique. (TRACK: Ha sido divertido)

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro

Another fresh band. Despite Triángulo de Amor Bizarro is the Spanish translation of the New Order’s famous song “Bizarre triangle love”, this band from the north of Spain has nothing to do with that 80’s group. Their mixed style (shoegaze, punk, noise) makes of TAB, since its born in 2004, one of the most powerful projects in Spain. The can break you in concert. (TRACK: De la monarquía a la criptocracia)

Los Planetas

If we talk about indie in Spain, we have to look at Los Planetas. Formed in Granada in 1993, the band led by Jota was essential in the explosion of Spanish indie scene. With iconic albums as ‘Una Semana en el Motor de un Autobús’ and early hits like “Qué puedo hacer” or “Cumpleaños total”, their music has been expanding its influences from Spacemen 3 to flamenco. (TRACK: Santos que yo te pinté)


Bigott is probably the most peculiar guy in the Spanish indie scene. And also probably de most talented composer. Halfway between folk, rock and the pure eccentricity, Bigott has become a respected leading figure because of the six albums he has released in the past seven years, each one better than the previous. (TRACK: She is my man)

The New Raemon

Here is the man who does everything in Spain. He composes songs, produces albums, is the owner of a label and the former leader of at least two bands,… Ramón Rodríguez, aka The New Raemon, burst in 2008 with a very fresh and clean pop album that has led, five years and four albums later, in a much darker, electric and rough style, but equally interesting. (TRACK: Verdugo)


Toundra is not strictly an indie band. However, its wonderful instrumental rock erases all barriers between genres and even if you’re not a big fan of this style, you get on your knees beaten in your soul by the guitars and the gigantic drums. They’re supernatural in concert, and their latest album went between the best LPs released last year in Spain. (TRACK: Cielo negro)

Sr. Chinarro

Sr. Chinarro is, like Los Planetas, another key element in the birth of the Spanish indie twenty years ago. With 14 albums released since the early 90’s, Antonio Luque is a leader in the Spanish scene, and one of the brightest minds in Spain. His music travels between Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston and the flamenco roots of his native Sevilla. (TRACK: Del montón)

Julio de la Rosa

Julio de la Rosa was the frontman of one of the most idolized Spanish indie bands in the 90s: El Hombre Burbuja (1996-2002). After this stage, de la Rosa is dedicated to his solo career and writing music for films. After a stronger and electric start, he’s in something more intimate and pop. His latest album, Pequeños Trastornos Sin Importancia’, is among the best albums of 2013 in Spain. (El anzuelo)

Nacho Vegas

The whole world is a mystery but, if there’s any truth out there, that’s it: Nacho Vegas is the greatest composer who has given Spain in the last decades. And the best musician of this century so far. His lyrics are close to perfection, and his interpretation, calmly and without fanfare, it breaks your soul inside. Born in Gijón, key in the Spanish indie birth, Vegas has passed to posterity thanks to albums like “Cajas de Música Difíciles de Parar” or “Desaparezca Aquí”. (TRACK: El hombre que casi conoció a Michi Panero)


Although in the late year things have changed a bit for them, McEnroe is one of the most underrated bands of the Spanish indie scene. However, their last two albums (especially ‘Las Orillas’) have catapulted their eternal melancholy and their amazing melodies to the top of the Spanish indie career. (TRACK: Ahora)